New Challenges

I’ve been checking out a bunch of fantastic book blogs and discovered the existence of reading challenges!  I came across some tempting ones but unfortunately they were almost over.

Luckily, with some advice from the folks over at Book Blogs I’ve decided to try out these two:

Revisit Your Childhood Favorites Challenge


  1. Read 5 books that were favorites while growing up
  2. If you would also just like to write a post high lighting your favorite book or series feel free to
  3. Post your reviews or book/series highlight here
  4. Challenge starts today and will end June 30, 2010.
  5. I will do summary posts periodically highlighting the reviews added so far”

I’m thinking of choosing The Vampire Diaries and Watership Down for sure.  I’ll have to think about the other two.  I always used to read Christopher Pike and Babysitter’s Club books, but it feels like I’m definitely forgetting some favorites.

What were your favorite childhood books?

The second challenge I’m going to try is…

The Awesome Author Challenge

“The idea behind this challenge is to read works by authors who have been recommended to you time and again, yet somehow you haven’t managed to read any books by those authors. These are the authors that everyone else tells you are awesome, thus the “Awesome Author Challenge” title.”

There are different levels of this challenge depending on how many books you want to read.  It’s turning out to be harder to choose books for this one than I thought it would be!  Most of the time when people strongly recommend authors to me, I end up reading at least one of their books.  I’m considering Jane Austen, Kurt Vonnegut and possibly Lisa See and C.W. Gortner (although I’m not sure that the last two count because specific books they wrote were actually recommended, ack!). 

I’ll do some more thinking about which books to choose but I’m so excited to try my first challenges!  Is anyone else planning on joining these or any others?



  1. Alyce Said:

    Thanks for joining the Awesome Author challenge! The last two can count – I think that if their books were recommended it’s as good as recommending the author. Good luck with the challenge!

    • Jamye Said:

      Oh good, that makes it a bit easier!

  2. Debbie Said:

    Welcome to the childhood faves challenge! I’m definitely doing at least one LJ Smith book, maybe an RL Stine, Nancy Drew or Sweet Valley High.

    For the author challenge I highly recommend Jane Austen. I love Pride and Prejudice. I’m hoping to read Emma and Sense and Sensibility sometime this year.

    • Jamye Said:

      I think I’ll definitely read a Jane Austen book (I can’t believe I never have!) but I wasn’t sure which one. I’ll probably go with Pride and Prejudice since you recommended it. Gotta make another trip to the book store!

      Luckily for the childhood faves challenge I can probably just raid my bookshelves in my old room at my parents’ house. Hooray!

  3. Jamye, Thanks for posting these! I’m going to go look them up, but off the top of my head I’ll say Awesome Author – Saul Bellow or maybe John Updike (who I’ve tried several times with little success). If you decide to read Lisa See, I’d recommend Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I think it was the best of her recent ones. She has a detective series called the Red Princess mysteries. I read one, and it was okay but it’s not really my genre.

    Childhood favorites – Nancy Drew; Lad,a Dog; The Black Stallion; My Friend Flicka (see a pattern developing?); Heidi.

    • Jamye Said:

      Oh, John Updike is a good one! Don’t think I’ve tried any of his. Yeah, the Lisa See book I was going to try is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

      The Black Stallion’s a great one too!

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