Books for Free from DailyLit

Free?  You ask.  Why, yes! 

I recently found out about where you can sign up to read all kinds of books via email or RSS feed.  When you subscribe you’ll receive short installments of the books you choose so you can cram in some reading even if you only have five minutes to spare, which is perfect for me.

  They mostly have classics, contemporary, drama, poetry and short stories but you can also find selections from pretty much any genre you can think of. 

The CEO just released an announcement that the site is now 100% free and you can even send a book as a gift to someone with personalized messages in each installment.  I thought I’d spread the happy news to all my fellow book addicts!

So far I’ve signed up for Pride and Prejudice which I was planning to read for the Awesome Authors challenge I’m doing. 

Go check it out if you’re interested!



  1. Wow – very cool! I signed up for the short story from John Grisham’s new collection. It will be interesting to see if it’s fun or frustrating to read in such short bursts. Thanks for spreading the word on this!

    • Jamye Said:

      Oh good! I think you might be able to change the length of the installments if you want to read more at a time. I know you can change the frequency for sure. Let me know how you like it!

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