Musing Mondays (March 22)

Musing Mondays2 Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tbr books.

Where do you keep the books on the top of the tbr pile? Not the bunk of the mountain, but just the tip of the peak – the ‘almost up to’ books?

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I don’t really decide what books to read next until I’m ready to grab them from my TBR pile.  I just never really know what I’m going to be in the mood for and which genres I’ll want to mix together.  As a result, my TBR pile is all together and quite unmanageable. 

I bought a really beautiful Tibetan cabinet from World Market to house new books but it was completely full before I knew it.  Then after Christmas I brought home three bulging reusable grocery bags full of hardcovers and paperbacks that until last weekend were just sitting next to the cabinet waiting for their turn to go inside.  Unfortunately, instead of reading my TBR books and filing them in my bookshelves, I added to the piles instead – a gigantic stack was on top of the cabinet and a pile was accumulating on our bedroom floor just in the middle of the room.  Yeah I know, ridiculous. 

On Saturday, in an attempt to eradicate some of the clutter around the house, I moved all the homeless TBR books onto an end table in the living room, divided into several stacks.  It looks a little better I guess, but I’m definitely going to take this Musing Mondays opportunity to hopefully get some better ideas from everyone else’s answers.  I need help, people! 

Happy Monday!



  1. Bluestocking Said:

    My pile tends to be rather unruly as well.

    Here is mine

    • Jamye Said:

      All these similar answers are making me feel much better! 🙂

  2. irene Said:

    It does make you feel better that other people have the same hurdles to leap over with organization, but I refuse to be so organize that I don’t read what “I feel like”.

    • Jamye Said:

      I’m with you. Although, sometimes I can’t figure out what I’m in the mood for!

  3. jennygirl Said:

    The tibeten cabinent sounds beautiful, but short of finding homes for bokks all I can say is, don’t buy anymore 🙂
    But no reader wants to hear that. You have my sympathies
    Here’s my musing

    • Karoline Said:

      I used to have real unruly piles like that! but I put them all in large tupperware containers and labeled each one so I know what’s in it. The containers has reduced the piles to about 3 shopping bags. I keep adding to these though. See, I live in an apartment but my dad lives nearby so I keep all the other spare books at his place (as it’s a house and not an apt) so more space there for books! hahah!

      we’re crazy aren’t we?

      • Jamye Said:

        See, I need to get organized like you! And yes, yes, we are crazy. 🙂

    • Jamye Said:

      LOL, I know I’m trying REALLY hard not to. Plus now that I have a Nook I can at least cut down (but not eliminate) on the physical book buying.

  4. Yvonne Said:

    I know all about those unmanageable TBRs. More often than not, I don’t read the next books in my TBR that I plan. Like you, I choose what I’m in the mood for at the moment.

    • Jamye Said:

      Yep, I like it that way. Although, now that my TBR books aren’t all in one location it’s going to be harder to choose my next read.

      Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  5. Jody Said:

    I keep my TBR books on the shelf with the already read books, but the TBR books are lying down and the rest are standing up. This allows me to stack more books on there while still keeping them (relatively) separate.
    Then when it’s time to pick a new book I just choose from the books lying down on the shelf!

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