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Do you take breaks while reading a book? Or read it straight through? (And, by breaks, I don’t mean sleeping, eating and going to work; I mean putting it aside for a time while you read something else.)

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

My initial reaction to this question was, No way do I do that!  But after some consideration, I realized that I have taken breaks while reading books in the past and in fact I’m doing it right now. 

I started two books on writing not long ago – Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury, and The Constant Art of Being a Writer by N.M. Kelby – and while I didn’t consciously decide to take a break from them, I realized that I haven’t finished either one yet and have moved on to other books.  I fully intend to finish both of these at some point (although I think the Bradbury book ran away from me and is hiding somewhere in the living room).

A few Anne Rice books also came to mind when I was pondering this question.  One, Violin, I picked up and finished last year after taking a break from it that lasted probably about nine years, since I bought the first edition hardcover (needless to say I had to start it from the beginning.  The cobwebs covering my memories of that book were way too thick to bother with).  The other two, The Feast of All Saints (which I’ve actually taken two breaks from) and Cry To Heaven, I started over ten years ago and never got around to finishing.  I guess it remains to be seen whether I’m on a break from them too or if they’re just going to be lumped into the small category of books I never finished, which I promise is rare for me.

Aside from those few embarrassing exceptions, I typically read books straight through without taking any breaks, even when I’m reading multiple books at once. 

What about you?



  1. I am a read one book at a time and all at once type of gal.

    Here’s mine.

  2. Dionne Said:

    I sometimes do take breaks, but usually they are accidental. I guess I am currently on break from Three Cups of Tea (really good nonfiction, but like 7 fiction books have taken priority since I started it), and The Velum, which is about warring angels (and I think demons?) and was pretty cool, so I can’t figure out why I stopped reading it like 2 years ago. I think it was the type of book where you don’t really know what’s happening for a while, and I was too tired at the time (for like a 4-year stretch) to follow anything too complicated. I should find that book and read it all the way through. Once I finish the Sara Douglass series you recommended, that is. 😀

  3. Dominique Said:

    I usually read them one book at a time, but occassionally I put them down for a break when I find I’m just not in the mood for them. As a result right now I’m juggling A Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw and Dead over Heels by Charlaine Harris (who, rather unfortunately for my probably bored book blog readers, I’m never NOT in the mood for lately!)

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